The service provided by NorPIP focuses on supporting parents to be and new parents to build a strong loving relationship whilst resolving issues that might be affecting theirs and their families mental wellbeing and relationship.


Therapeutic sessions are delivered using a range of techniques that help parents to attune to and meet their baby's emotional and development needs. Dependent on the level of complexity we meet parents for an initial assessment to assess their needs and decide on whether parent infant therapy would be appropriate.


Interventions are delivered in the form of parent-infant therapy, using a range of psychotherapy, CBT, Psychodynamic Counselling that help parents to attune to and meet their baby’s emotional and developmental needs. 


We like to make our services as accessible as possible and so we try to provide flexibility as to the venue, location and timing of sessions.


Please visit our Self-Referrals Page for more information on this.


To Make a Referral


For professionals to make a referral to NorPIP,  please complete and submit the referral form below - or please request a clinical call back to discuss a referral in more detail.

Referral Forms can be returned in Word format by email to: info@norpip.org.uk or can be posted to our office at: 17 Earl Street, Northampton, NN1 3AU.

NorPIP Referral Criteria

We work with parents to be and new parents with children up to age two who meet the following criteria;

  • Are suffering from any form of difficulty during pregnancy that may affect their ability to bond with baby after he, she or they are born.

  • Have a diagnosed mental health issue that is affecting the parents ability to connect and develop a strong relationship with their babies.

  • From any concerned professional about a parent, although under some circumstances (for example social services referrals) a spot payment is required for services.

  • From any parent worried about how their mental health or wider issues is affecting their bond with their babies - please speak to your GP, midwife or health visitor about them possibly referring you to NorPIP.

Information Collected:

  • We collect the information in this referral form in order to assess what services we may be able to offer you.

  • When we receive a referral form, it is processed and recorded on our online database where it is kept secure and confidential.

  • We delete the information held for you after 30 years, unless you ask us to remove it sooner.