Following the successful launch of the NorPIP Conference on May 18th 2012 Andrea Leadsom MP has now formed a new charity called PIP UK (Parent Infant Partnerships UK).

PIP UK will help establish a national network of PIPs that will use psychotherapeutic interventions to help parents form a more secure bond with their babies. PIP UK will also raise awareness of the importance of secure parent-infant relationships and mental health at a political and policy level.

PIP UK is now officially registered as a company limited by guarantee and charitable status is imminent.

What will PIP UK be doing?

The core role of PIP UK will be to support the establishment of the individual PIPs to be funded. The first wave of PIPs (around three or four) will be made up of those who are already well-primed to deliver a service.

These will be in areas that are:

  • Already delivering parent-infant services, particularly psychotherapy with the support of a team of therapists
  • Supported by a number of the following; local authority, commissioners, local MPs and potential referrers such as midwives, social workers or Children’s Centres
  • Able to provide logistical solutions such as a delivery setting and office space
  • Able to provide evidence of a track record of success in the services they are currently running
  • Developing partnerships and links to enable future funding

Are you interested in finding out more?

Andrea Leadsom MP has secured over £1M in funding for this project, a Board of Trustees has
been appointed and a Chief Executive has now been recruited.

For more information or how to apply for funding please visit the PIPUK website at