Why give to NorPIP?

The expansion of our services to reduce future social problems depends entirely on the amount of funding available.

9000 babies are born in Northamptonshire every year and it is estimated that 40% of these do not form entirely satisfactory attachments to their parents. NorPIP is planning to provide support to 200 families in 2013 and to increase this to over 300 in 2014.

NorPIP works specifically with the relationship between carer and baby – uniquely, compared with other perinatal workers, this service is provided for mothers of all ages.  Peri-natal health workers are sometimes able to spot problems, but often do not have the resources to deal with the causes or consequences. We aim to improve bonding and attachment between parents/carers and their babies up to the age of two which is the important period of brain development which has an impact on attachments later.  Many children coming into care in the local authority have experienced poor bonding with their parents/carers.