Commissioning our services?

As a charitable organisation we rely on grants, commissioning by organisations and donations to fund our work. People requiring our services may make means tested contributions to the therapeutic sessions, but on the whole we rely on grants and contracts to deliver services. We currently have no statutory funding but have in place some spot purchasing arrangements for social services.


As a charity, we support parents to be from conception to age two, because this is the most significant time we can provide a mental health intervention that prevents mental health issues being passed from one generation to the next. We are specifically very good at creating transformative outcomes for parents who:

  • Have children on an unborn child protection plan

  • Parents who are struggling to form a loving bond and babies that have disorganised attachment

  • This can include parents of babies with disabilities, premature and unwell babies, difficult births, victims of domestic violence, parents with substance misuse or alcohol issues, or families characterised as chaotic.

  • We also help mums and dads with perinatal psychosis, postnatal depression, depression and anxiety as well as parents with learning disabilities to develop coping mechanisms to overcome trauma preventing them from caregiving.

Our therapy is dyadic, which means we work with parent and the infant simultaneously in the same room, our team are both adult psychotherapy and infant psychotherapy trained, and have often trained in other psychodynamic disciplines.


Whatever the reason you feel your client requires support in their role as a parent, our team may be able to help. Please contact us or complete and return the professional’s referral form below and a member of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Professionals can make a referral to NorPIP via any of our contacts. If you are interested in commissioning our services please contact the NorPIP Office.  


Follow this link to find our Referral Form.

To discuss commissioning our services please call us on:

Tel:  01604 924735


Email: info@norpip.org.uk


Address: NorPIP Office, 17 Earl Street, Northampton, NN1 3AU