In 1997 I was elected to Northamptonshire County Council and  served for 20 years until May 2017.

During my years as a County Councillor, through my work with the Children’s Department my belief that children, as our greatest asset, deserve the best start in life if they are to reach their full potential .

I became a trustee of NorPIP because I realised that the very early years of a child’s development are the most important to their happiness and wellbeing. NorPIP can provide that vital help to parents to give their children the love and care they need. Being a parent is probably the hardest but most rewarding role anyone undertakes but it isn’t easy. NorPIP CAN HELP .

I would like to see our service more widely available and be accessible to the whole of the County. Early investment in our children is the most important investment we make as a society.

Joan Kirkbride