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Our objectives:


     To help parents and primary carers to form a more secure attachment with their baby through psychotherapeutic intervention.


     To promote the importance of early attachment and the importance of investment in very early relationships to improve life outcomes for children.           In particular NorPIP will raise awareness amongst professionals, commissioners, investors, and policy makers.


     To train other professionals in supporting secure attachments between infants and their primary carers, in the identification of attachment                      difficulties and in the methods used to facilitate better attachments.


     To routinely monitor the outcomes of our services with clients, to ensure the best quality of service is provided for babies and their families.

Latest News

NorPIP is Recruiting Trustees!

NorPIP is seeking Trustees who have a strong empathy with our mission to create a society of emotionally secure children who grow up to become socially responsible adults.

If you're interested in receiving more information about our Board and the skills we're looking for, please contact our CEO on 01604 924735 or ceo@norpip.org.uk

Fundraising Forum Members - Apply Now!

Do you want to help make a difference? 


We are looking for local volunteers to help raise funds to support NorPIP.


If you have 2 hours spare every 8 weeks, then get in touch with us at info@norpip.org.uk

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Sign up for only £1 a week and make a difference to our community and support our cause on Local Lotto!​


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NorPIP Office 
17 Earl Street



Email:  info@norpip.org.uk
Registered Charity No: 1144189

We are a company Limited by Guarantee Company:

No: 7630150