About NorPIP

Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership is a charity supporting parents to be and parents with children under two to form stable relationships. We work with mums and dads who suffer from anxiety, depression, postnatal depression, perinatal psychosis and other issues to help parents establish great relationships with their children to get them off to the best start in life. 


NorPIP was founded in 2011 and since our inception our goal has been to help families to form a loving caregiving relationship with their babies from the start.

NorPIP provides a safe, confidential space to speak to a parent infant therapist whose specially qualified and experienced in helping parents work through these difficult feelings and most importantly, find their love for their babies. There is no greater gift we can give children then a loving caring family, no greater gift we can give a parent then the ability to love their child free from worry. We take infant mental health very seriously and are trained in helping babies to overcome trauma of early experiences too.


We are one of the specialised parent-infant relationship teams working with families across the UK that are supported by the

Parent Infant Foundation.