Case Studies from families who have received our support

One parent generated this picture for us of their family holding hands after therapy.

Read Sophia, Tommy and their four children's story, after they have triplets together.

Sophia and Tommy have an older daughter (aged 4 when NorPIP were working with them) and then had triplets. The triplet pregnancy took a significant toll on Sophia physically and emotionally, on top of a history of anxiety and depression. The triplets were then in neonatal care for several weeks, where the nurses were primarily responsible for their care, making it difficult for Sophia and Tommy to get to know them and feel close to them. 

Ella had had post natal depression with her older son, [older child], so knew that she might be vulnerable with her second. She noticed early on that she was finding it difficult to bond with Harvey and bravely discussed these feelings with her health visitor who responded immediately and made a referral to NorPIP. Ella’s mood improved quickly, her relationship with Harvey flourished and she describes being a strong advocate for NorPIP with other parents now.

Olivia has an older son but suffered a miscarriage before the pregnancy in which she saw NorPIP. She describes overwhelming grief for her lost baby and felt that others didn’t understand and were dismissive of her feelings, sinking into depression. Through working with a NorPIP therapist Olivia began to resolve some of these difficult feelings and felt able to welcome her daughter as a baby and begin to enjoy parenting again.

Sarah had post partum psychosis with her last two pregnancies. She didn’t bond with her first child (now 11). With her second I was in hospital, shaking – like something out of the exorcist. It was a great strain and she worried that she wouldn’t love him. When she first met him she didn’t really, but that changed in the end. This time it was difficult being pregnant. She went to NorPIP while she was pregnant and just about to have him. She is so relieved that she went. It’s really gutting that this wasn’t around the other two times.