Danetre Hospital Pilot

We're so excited to be delivering a new pilot in partnership with Danetre Hospital in Daventry as our first ever 'open door' access to therapy across Daventry and indeed Northamptonshire.


Partnering with health visiting teams we're working on trying to increase the numbers of early referrals of families. We found out recently that most relapses of depression, anxiety and severe psychiatric mental health issues occur in the following two weeks after birth, so its so important we get in early to families to provide psychotherapy and support to families whose primary concern is their attachment (loving bond) to their babies.


Since starting this project we have seen a few major benefits:

More women than ever being referred during pregnancy, which is great news as early help has been key to preventing mum from needing acute services later in pregnancy or postpartum.


More babies than ever being referred in their first six months,which is great news because babies and mums shouldn't have to wait if they're finding it difficult to bond and love one another.


A massively increased partnership with health which has led to the development of a £500k bid to Reaching Communities at the Lottery, which is currently just through the stage one bid and we await further news. The new partnership will develop and model a perinatal mental health pathway focused on infant attachment and mum and dads mental health pre and post birth.